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About M.A. Signature Event Design

You are at the right place if you secretly want your guests to rave and remember your wedding as THE wedding of the year

(that’s right! Let them do the bragging for you).

If you’re anything like me, you are a combination of the classic, non-traditional bride with an edge. The cookie cutter look just isn’t your thing, right?

 Why don't you have a glimpse of my work right here 

But if you want to know how we make the magic happen, see below.


20  Years

Well first, I have this double creativity superpower, I’m a certified wedding designer and an interior home decorator. This makes me approach design differently, in a unique way. 


Also, it just so happens that I’ve been planning events for over 20 years AND I’m an expert at creating outside the box concepts.

I’m absolutely obsessed with non-traditional venues!

I’m talking art gallery, greenhouse...

Heck! Give me a cave and I can transform it into something stunning! 




Second, I have over 15 years of management under my belt.
So handling stressful situations is something I have mastered.

We will create your timeline, ensure everybody is at their designated position, come up with that amazing plan and bring the cake knife! 


Managing is kind of what I do and designing is what I’m uber passionate about. I even got featured in Wedluxe and MunaLuchi Bride (not bad huh?).

This is the perfect recipe to design an exceptional event from conception to execution, wouldn’t you say? 


On a personal note

I also think I’m funny (although the hubby thinks differently ...pfff <insert rolling eyes emoji>).
Food literally brings me tears of joy!
And the one thing I love more than food is my little threenager (aka my son Zach).
But above all, I’m a woman of faith; it grounds me and makes me the calm and positive human being I am today. 

Now that we spoke about me, let's talk about you.

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