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5 essentials required for the ultimate cozy outdoor dining

When Mother Nature grants us a few weeks of sunshine, I like to take advantage of it with anything to do with outdoor dining.

Good food, a comfortably set table, and an extra dose of vitamin D get me going for days!

You may not have the perfect garden, but you can still make it work as long as you have the basics.

1. A backyard, a balcony, or a park.

You want to find the perfect spot to set up your table.

Remember, a little shade is always good for protection (with sunscreen, of course).

Otherwise, a breezy late dinner can also do the trick.

It's the perfect way to welcome guests with a refreshing drink.

2. Level the floor

Speaking of drinking, make sure your table is on a level floor because you don't want glasses to tip over when your guests put them down to eat.

3. A table (it doesn't have to be a patio set).

A good old picnic table is my first choice when I'm at a park.

But for the backyard, you can use an outdoor table or even a regular table that is an extension of your home. It will make your guests feel much more comfortable right away.

4. Seating ( set or not ).

Give me some good mix match seating for my outdoor dining. It gives it so much character!

Most importantly, make it comfortable. Pillows and throws are your friends.

5. And the last thing you need to make your outdoor dining memorable, ME!

Now that the basics are covered, it's my turn to bring in the restaurant quality you're looking for

Your dinner will not only be memorable, but it will also be an experience.

Credits: concept et design @masignature_design


Venue and rentals:

Plates: Home Sense Canada

Floral arrangement:

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