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The second set of vendors you want to hire when planning your wedding

How did you like my suggestions for vendors to hire ( in my opinion ) for a smooth wedding planning experience in Part 1?

Please read my last blog if you haven't already.

Now that your main key players have been reserved, you can continue selecting the others.

You should now have your fairy godmother event planner with you, so your life will get even easier.

Many wedding calendars out there provide a list of deadlines for vendors over a period of a year or so. Traditionally, weddings were planned 12 months in advance.

With the latest situation of that virus that starts with C and ends with D, last minute weddings have been on the rise.

This is why you need a wedding planner to help you accelerate the plan or delay it as needed.

The following vendor order will differ depending on your priorities.

These vendors are usually able to accommodate more than one client at a time, or have more availability.

If your mind is set on a particular vendor, place them on the first list (see previous post) to be safe.

  • DJ or band

  • MC and entertainment

Photography by @manoucheka_lacherie Cartoonist @caricaturesmontreal

  • Wedding dress / Groom's attire ( and let's not forget the bridal party)

  • Hair /MUA

Photography by @jeanterry_wedding, wedding dress by @pristinebride groom attire @clubuomo_mtl

  • Rentals

  • Wedding Cake

photography by @manoucheka_lacherie, cake by: @vj.creations

  • Invitations and all stationery items

photography by @manoucheka_lacherie , custom stationery by

  • Transportation

photography by @manoucheka_lacherie , Rolls Royce by @autobuslimomtl

Happy planning !


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