What NOT to do when creating a tablescape!

Updated: Mar 9

Creating a tablescape is just one of those things that I absolutely LOVE to do.

I'm serious! I literally get a high putting items together and see how it will all turn out.

But besides the fact that I drool each time I do one, the main reason why you should take the time to do yours is to create a special moment around the table. It just makes gathering so much more INVITING!

Your guests will feel special. They will laugh more and won't care if the mac&cheese is slightly overcooked. ( crispy edges never killed anyone lol! )

Let's face it, a nice tablescape = Happiness!

You'll of course need delicious food and the right people to create that perfect atmosphere, but I can't help with you that ( sorry!)

But what I CAN help you with, is to create a STUNNING table and make it look like Martha Stewart came by for dinner and gave your table a makeover!

Here are my NOT TO DO tips, are you ready?

1) Don't be matchy, matchy!

When selecting your items for your table, feel free to mix and match your dishware, linen, and glasses. It makes it so much more exciting and less predictable to play with colors and textures.

2) Don't minimize the impact of extra lighting

Lighting is that simple element that can create a cozy mood or makes you feel like you're in a rave if it's not set right! Here's an easy fix... CANDLES!! They are my best friends. Extra candles are always a must for me. Tapered or tea lights always does the trick!

3) Don't cover up the wood.

Do you have that vintage wooden table that you hate with a passion? OMG! do you know you have one of the most versatile base to create your tablescape. Please DO NOT cover it up with a tablecloth. Add a few placemats or charger plates to give it a new life.

If your table isn't interesting enough, it's ok. You can get a neutral tone tablecloth and have fun adding decorative accents like this little feather shown below or anything else

Now that you know what NOT to do, are you ready to let your inner Martha come out? I'll share with you more of my design tips to be the mostest of the hottest. See you soon.

Credits: concept et design @masignature_design

photography: www.jessicagrenon.com

Venue and rentals: www.lecoeurboheme.com

Plates: Home Sense Canada

Floral arrangement: www.kyotofleurs.com

Menu : www.mademoiselled.com

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