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5 first vendors you want to reserve when planning your wedding.

Your ring looks stunning on your finger, and you are excited to start planning your perfect wedding

So you get out your secret notebook where you've been collecting your dream vendors for months, if not years and you're ready to book!

But before you get right into it, one thing you should consider is the order in which you book them.

Certain vendors should be prioritized to make planning easier.

1) Wedding planner

Unless you have all the time in the world and worrying about the design details and logistics is your thing, then you definitely want to have your fairy wedding godmother by your side.

Having an experienced planner who knows what she's doing will also make it easier for you to establish a strong relationship with the other vendors.

2) Venue ( reception/ceremony)

The reception venue is always in high demand and is usually the first thing couples reserve.

This reduces their availability before anything else happens

Locking a date with other vendors first can end up like looking for a needle in a haystack because the venue may not be available on the date that you chose.

3) Photography & Videography

Now that your date is confirmed, it's time to capture beautiful imagery.

It's highly recommended to seek out photographers and videographers early in the planning process, especially if you're looking for a particular style.

What kind of pictures do you want? magazine worthy or more candid?

Start by looking through the photographer's portfolio to find out whether they have a style that suits you or not.

4) Caterer

If you're like me, food is extremely important for your reception.

Unless your venue offers its own catering services, you must hire a caterer that will make your guests' taste buds tingle! It's all part of the experience!

Be sure to let the caterer know if there are any food restrictions or allergies! We do not want an Epipen episode on your big day!


Now that we have a nice place to welcome guests, feed them, and take pictures, it's time to enhance the ambiance. It's time for the pretty things. If you plan to have floral arrangements done, it's not a good idea to wait until the very last minute to hire your florist. Not all flowers are grown locally. Many of them come from abroad. So if you're specific about what you want, reserve quickly.

You'll have to wait a bit before getting the second list of vendors you want to hire when planning your wedding... Part 2 is coming up pretty soon!


Planning & Design: @masignature_design

Venue: @chateautailleferlafon

Rentals: @locationschic

Table accessories: @tenuedesoiree_

Custom stationary:

Floral arrangements: @aura_design

Photography: @manoucheka_lacherie


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