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Sick and tired of doing picnics the old way? Take a look at this one!

I am about to bid farewell to summer once and for all, but here are some shots from a stunning private birthday celebration we did.

I knew we would create magic together when my client asked me to plan her birthday picnic "differently"

It had to be a boho beachy-themed picnic that had a classy feel to it.

No problem, I replied, she already had me at "differently"

I was given the mission to blow everyone's mind.

So I went to my drawing board and had a vision... literally.

It involved a wooden structure, water, and flowing drapes.

The fact that I was trusted and given full creative freedom was helpful.

We gathered our best team and created one of the most elevated picnics ever.

After finding the perfect waterfront spot, we began planning.

The items on the tabletop were carefully chosen to add an organic and modern touch, as requested by our client.

Yet it didn't end there, I had to add one more element of surprise, the piece de resistance.

There's nothing quite like a good swing to bring out the child in everyone!

I am so proud of our amazing team and the work we have done.

That's what made this boho beach picnic so special.

I am looking forward to planning next year's event.

The bar is set pretty high wouldn't you say?

Vendors teams

Design & Planning: @masignature_design

Photographer: @_audreymcmahon

Tabletop items @lanouvelletablee

Picnic tables: @groupeabp

Structure & accessories: @tenuedesoiree_

Swing: @bigflowersmtl

Boho Cake: @itssucrebrun

Balloon cascade: Rebecca Lombard

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